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Traveling and adventuring with dogs and other pets can be stressful. Part of that stress can be because of the extra gear you have to pack for them.

One of the top things to bring on your trips is some type of bowl or dish for their food and water. Since we do a lot of adventuring with our pets, we like to make the travel dishes easy. For years, we’ve been using Kurgo brand collapsible bowls/dishes. We really like the “Kurgo Collaps A Bowl” for water, and the “Kurgo Zippy Bowl” for food.

What do we like about them?

  1. We love the small size of the dishes when they are fully collapsed. When we take the pets on an adventure, we normally pack a lot of gear for both us and them. It’s nice that their dishes don’t take up a whole lot of room, since space is a commodity in the truck. It’s also nice when we are on a hike, because they don’t weigh a whole lot, or take up much space. The cloth ones are small enough to fit in most pockets!
  2. The attached carabiners are wonderful! You can use them to attach them to your, or your dog’s backpack, and are handy for just storing them in the same spot you hang your leashes.
  3. When it comes time to use them, they are super easy to open and close. The silicone ones are the easiest: they just pop right open or pop closed. The cloth ones, although a little more ‘complicated’, aren’t really complicated at all. To open them, you just unzip the zipper, and pull out the inside to form a bowl. And when you are all finished, you just stuff the bowl back inside the zippered area, and zip up!
  4. The silicone ones are PVC and BPA free, made from food-grade silicone; and are dishwasher safe! And the cloth ones can be washed in a clothing washer on a gentle cycle (air dry).


  1. My only dislike is the lack of color options; which I suppose, isn’t actually a necessity lol. I have always preferred having all of the same color gear for each of the girls (Selene’s gear is almost exclusively Pink; while Jezabelle’s is Purple!), so it’s a little disappointing that the bowls don’t come in those colors lol. Otherwise, they are perfect!

If you’d like to get yourself these same Kurgo bowls, we will include links below. We are not sponsored by Kurgo, just really like their brand. If you purchase through these links, it doesn’t cost extra to you, but we do make a very small profit off of it, which helps us to continue making content!

Thank you!

Purchase Silicone Collaps A Bowl Here: Kurgo Collaps A Bowl

Purchase Cloth Zippy Bowl Here: Kurgo Zippy Bowl

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